Saturday, August 14, 2010

Revision of articles

Hey all you crazy kids. So, the weekly one shot is done, but I will not be posting it in its current form as it seems to be a daunting task as a weekly feature I will instead be breaking it up into parts for a new feature I will be doing on this blog. Sorry to all you who were waiting with baited breath, but you will benefit from my genius in other ways.

In lieu of a weekly one shot I will institute two new weekly articles that should not only be useful to you, but will make the weekly one shot a more plausible endeavor if I attempt to resurrect it.

The first will Tuesday Tiles. The name should be relatively self explanatory, but in case it isn't I will explain. On Tuesdays I will post terrain tiles to be used with the miniatures I've created. I'm going to try to create printer friendly, and printer unfriendly versions of the tiles, so you will have the choice of how much ink to use.

The second new feature will be the Weekly Random Encounters. This feature will be a random encounter that can be dropped into a game. What I found when I was writing the Weekly One Shot is that writing a complete encounter for other people takes a lot more time then when you are doing it for yourself, go fig. So, I'm parring down the one shot to a single encounter, which will be a more realistic goal and will result in less missed weeks.

Also the weeks will follow themes. You've probably noticed the running theme in the current batch of miniatures, and I can guarantee you that this week's tiles and encounter will involve the Snake Clan. The themes won't always be fantasy based either, I plan on doing minis, tiles, and encounters for various genres of RPGs and I'm more than happy to take suggestions.

Okay, so there you have it. Good Gaming.

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